7 Awesome Lawyerly Etsy Gifts for Valentine’s

Vintage Wilson Jones Two-Hole Paper Punch

two-hole-punchMost things formerly found in a lawyer’s office are now popping up on Etsy as “vintage” office supplies and equipment. Which means most of us are sitting on gold mines of vintage stuff, all of which could easily supplement the dwindling income from actually practicing law. Take the take two-hole punch. Along with the paperweight and carbon paper, it was a veritable workhorse in most lawyers’ offices. Actually, it still is among lawyers involved in artisanal law. This one listed on Etsy is a Wilson Jones Marvel cast iron two-hole punch and weighs in at nearly two pounds. As the seller explains “why a hole punch needs to be constructed of cast iron is beyond us, but we think it is the perfect item to include in your modern office.” We agree. $10.00.

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Gregory Luce is the editor of Bitter Lawyer. He creates stuff and writes various columns, including Legal Crap My Kids Ask Me, Ask a Futurist, and Postcards from Lawyers.

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  1. Krystal

    April 15, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Somehow we just saw this so we wanted to stop by and say thanks for including our two-hole punch in your article. It’s still available for purchase if anybody’s interested. :)

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