7 Awesome Lawyerly Etsy Gifts for Valentine’s

Legal Pad Graphic© T-Shirt, in Canary Yellow

yellow-legal-pad-shirtYou could say you wear your practice on your sleeve, and in this case, it’s two short sleeves and all the rest. The only thing missing from the Legal Pad Graphic T-Shirt, in the color yellow that has come to define American lawyers, is a giant complementary Paper Mate® Flair® Felt-Tip Pen, in red, medium point. As a bonus from Etsy, you can “write a note or doodle on your paper shirt just for fun or request a custom order and I will write your word, phrase, or simple doodle for you for an additional $5.” $19.95 (doodle extra).

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Gregory Luce is the editor of Bitter Lawyer. He creates stuff and writes various columns, including Legal Crap My Kids Ask Me, Ask a Futurist, and Postcards from Lawyers.

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  1. Krystal

    April 15, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Somehow we just saw this so we wanted to stop by and say thanks for including our two-hole punch in your article. It’s still available for purchase if anybody’s interested. :)

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