Add This to Our Top 5 Lawyer Videos

If you haven’t seen this ad yet (or did not watch the Super Bowl in Georgia, where it aired), go ahead, give it a go. We’re adding it to Our 5 Favorite Lawyer Videos on YouTube. It’s from Jamie Casino, a Savannah, Georgia, personal injury lawyer. Commentators have gone so far as calling it “batshit amazing” and “insanely epic.” Really? To be honest, it’s an amalgam of fairly lame and overblown Hollywood-style effects and imagery, overlaid upon an interesting but extremely vague personal story of a lawyer and his little brother. Apparently, flaming sledgehammers plus lawyer equals epic. Now, a dentist, that would be epic.

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  1. Al Tidom

    August 3, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Whatever happened to the videos you had with the law associate that found a typo but some woman left him in a restaurant because she thought he was a douche? Those are funny.

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