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  • Always Land on Your Ass

    When it comes to being a highly-educated moving guy with a law firm temp job, it's best to divide and conquer.

  • Dog Eat Whale Tail

    The associates they put in charge of temps usually aren’t that bright, but this guy is unbelievable. Of course, it’s kill or be killed. Temping...

  • Two Temps in the Night

    Law firm temping is a small world. Sort of like Hollywood, but for losers.

  • Welcome to the Bungle

    This economy is tough, I say. Even for Harvard law grads. Welcome to the bungle.

  • Temp’s a Bitch

    Mrs. Donut has screwed me for the last time, I realize as Swiss Miss glides into the conference room and sits down across from me....

  • Temp is a Battlefield

    The TemPimp works out of some suburban strip mall hell-hole in an office sandwiched between a rundown H&R Block and one of those ghetto Chinese...

  • Temp-tation Island

    The first law firm temp to finish their box will be sent home, and the $45-an-hour gravy train will come to a screeching halt.

  • Smells Like Temp Spirit

    Boss Lady is a pretty woman with an olive complexion who never thought her JD would grant her dominion over a team of hopeless losers.

  • Return of The Tool

    The law firm tool is first-team All-Big Firm, and there is no room for humor on that squad

  • Redacting in the Morning

    I love the smell of redacting in the morning. Mmm...Sharpies and piles of paper. The exciting life of a lowly lawyer.