Avvo Didn’t Take Too Kindly to Goat Lawyer

This morning I committed Avvocide. That is, I edited my Avvo profile in such a way that it caught the attention of an Avvo community guideline guy. Nevertheless, at least for a short period of time people searching for a Goat Lawyer could find one. Me. I even got a rousing endorsement from a fellow lawyer.

Alas, my profile was stripped bare within a few hours and I’ve been reduced again to normality, at least by Avvo standards. Surprisingly, though, as the Goat Lawyer I got boosted to a 9.2 rating. I’m now an 8.1, and probably dropping fast. Plus, I seem to have been stripped of certain privileges that go with being a non-goat lawyer.

If you missed Goat Lawyer, here’s what it looked like for a short period of time this morning.

Goat Lawyer

Gregory Luce is the editor of Bitter Lawyer. He creates stuff and writes various columns, including Legal Crap My Kids Ask Me, Ask a Futurist, and Postcards from Lawyers.


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