Best Ways to Serve Booze in the Office

Our pals over at Lawyerist posted about the best ways to serve coffee in the office, complete with a slideshow, a $6,700 espresso maker, and a coffee menu to give to your clients while they sit in the lobby and stew about an upcoming deposition. Whatever. While coffee manages to pull average duty as a law office drink, booze is the true standard-bearer. Here are four great ways to serve booze in your law office.

Exquisite & Portable: Tumi Mixology Set

tumi-ketel-oneYou may have seen this advertised in the New York Times or Men’s Health. It’s the Tumi Mixology Collection portable office mini-bar, designed and handmade in Italy:

Every detail—from the hardwood box case to the needle-stitched Italian leather handle and trim—has been thoughtfully considered and exquisitely executed. The mixology case is covered in our signature ballistic nylon or sophisticated Earl Grey coated canvas and opens to reveal a complete bar set for those who travel in ultimate style.

Sure, it will set you back $4,995, but imagine having it on the conference room table for a deposition, opening it up, and mixing a wallbanger, all before opposing counsel has the time to ask “is this on the record?” Of course it is. Bonus: comes with a voucher for two bottles of Ketel One Vodka, but you can always substitute those with Vladimir or Barton if opposing counsel or her client is a particular nag and not worthy of the good stuff.

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C. Hank Peters ("Chank") is an attorney whose background includes a rural, small-town, solo practice in Minnesota. He uses his practice experience from the late 1970s to advise attorneys who want to establish a lean and client-focused legal practice. He is one of a few legal marketing attorneys online and remains the inspiration for the website Big Legal Brain.

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