Best Ways to Serve Booze in the Office

Populist: The Danby Kegerator

kegeratorNothing better engages clients than a full keg of microbrewed beer in the office lobby. This one, from Danby, even rolls, so everybody in a multiparty class action case can partake. Just pour a draft from the easy to use tap, close it off, and roll it across the lobby to whoever wants some.

Don’t skimp, though, with plastic Solo red cups or the like. Use real pint glasses. This is a law office during the weekday, not a college frat house on Saturday. Duh.

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C. Hank Peters ("Chank") is an attorney whose background includes a rural, small-town, solo practice in Minnesota. He uses his practice experience from the late 1970s to advise attorneys who want to establish a lean and client-focused legal practice. He is one of a few legal marketing attorneys online and remains the inspiration for the website Big Legal Brain.

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