Bitter News, 3-6-09

Quick Friday headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, and if they aren’t artistic enough—and you’re in the NY hood—check out the final weekend of Jacob Dyrenforth’s exhibit at the Renwick Gallery.  Open till 8:00 PM tonight.  How can sex and anarchy ever be bad? 

Chris Brown finally gets charged for allegedly bitch slapping, bitch biting and bitch strangling Rihanna when BOOM—along comes Amy Winehouse to steal all his greatest-hits thunder.  If there are drug or abuse charges on the table, she will beat you to it every time, Chris.  You’ve got a lot to learn before you’re officially the modern-day Ike Turner.  []

If Prop 8 is hate, you’ll have to wait, till a June date, to hear from the state, on whether you can marry your same-sex mate.  But it’s looking a little constitutionally dicey.  (Yeah, that was a rhyme.  Deal.) [Los Angeles Times]

U.S. News law school ranking are coming!  The rankings are coming!  It all goes down April 23.  [U.S. News and World Report]

So they’re keeping their jobs, eh?  BigLaw Canada has remained pretty well intact.  [Am Law Daily]

Hm—I wonder why all the hooker/lawyer parallels keep presenting themselves.  The virtual bordello that is Craigslist has a little somethin’ for everyone.  “Naturally erotic” and schooled in torts, anyone?…

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  1. Glen

    March 8, 2009 at 5:28 am

    Re: Craigslist.


    OK, how stupid is the sheriff?  You’re job is to round-up prostitutes, you have veritable warrantless wire-tap into their transactions and then you go to the media to announce it.  Why not make your CIs where special day-glo t-shirts with “snitch” written on them?

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