The Bottom Rung

Selected to screen at the LA Web Series Festival 2012, the Bottom Rung is a hilarious and harrowing look at the document review underworld, created by former lawyer and current comedian Matt Ritter.

Bottom Rung Episodes 1-8

Episodes 1 through 8 of the Bottom Rung.

  • Episode 1: Dave learns the rules of document review from a draconian boss. And he meets Paire, his new crush.
  • Episode 2: Some folks dream. Then there’s John Locker, King of the Lifers.
  • Episode 3: Skolnick’s not just a gunner. He’s a self-described “sniper.”
  • Episode 4: Dave, Frank, and Tim make a pact to get out of doc review. But dreams often die hard.
  • Episode 5: There’s a mole in the document review underworld and Dave, Frank, and Tim are on a mission to find it.
  • Episode 6: Most doc review lawyers can daydream. A Dave can do it with his eyes open.
  • Episode 7: At a doc review party thrown by Nicole, Dave gets his big chance with Paige.
  • Episode 8: Layoffs hit the Bottom Rung. Who’s out, who’s still in?

Behind the Scenes

Read what Bottom Rung creator Matt Ritter has to say about making the Bottom Rung and the actors and comedians who made it possible.