Clients Gone Wild!

Clients Gone Wild! is an exclusive video series reenacting an absolute train-wreck of a deposition that resulted in significant sanctions against an attorney and his client. Attorneys in California, New York, and Minnesota can earn ethics credit by watching the full version of the series—complete with expert commentary—on And get a 10 percent discount if you use the online coupon code “BITTERLAWYER.”

Episode 1

You Don’t Speak for Anyone Here Except Yourself, F*ckface

Episode 2

I’m just better at the law than you and you can’t get in the fucking door. And it is pissing you off. Keep trying.

Episode 3 (Available December 22, 2011

“I obey the law. You practice the law.” This time, though, the experts start to break it down

Episode 4

“How do you spell your name backwards, Bob?”

Episode 5

“My attorney just told you to get f*cked, and so do I.”