• I’m a Miracle Paralegal

    Paralegal advice for one of the world's great paralegals from an Ex-Bitter.

  • Bitter Factoids

    Mark Twain once said, “I am not one of those, who in expressing opinions, confine themselves to facts.” Here are 15 compelling facts from Bitter...

  • Dangerous E-aisons

    Male law firm partners are awkward, middle-aged, sex-starved men who tend to mistake my professional attentiveness for flirtation

  • Padding Hours: If I Did It

    Is it illegal to overbill? According to the “law,” yes. Is it unethical? According the ABA “code of ethics,” yes.

  • Two Temps in the Night

    Law firm temping is a small world. Sort of like Hollywood, but for losers.

  • Nine Notably Bitter Pardons

    It’s simple. Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. At least that’s how we learned it back in 1L, and that’s how...

  • I Loaned a Partner $20

    It’s not a big deal, but it’s been a week and the partner hasn’t paid me back. Should I ask for the money or just let...

  • Welcome to the Bungle

    This economy is tough, I say. Even for Harvard law grads. Welcome to the bungle.

  • Time is the Enemy

    I just read somewhere that associates at some New York firm were ecstatic that, despite the economy, they are still going to receive their “special...

  • From Proskauer to Popsquire

    Hollywood Or Bust: Why a Proskauer Alum Took a Flying Leap There’s something revolting about watching a “legal expert” boil down the sum of your...