Legal Humor Roundup for December 6, 2011

For today—which is simultaneously Microwave Oven Day and National Gazpacho Day—we have an artistic challenge to the typical Nativity scene on government property. Plus, police pursue a bicyclist at high speed, bizarre Canadian case comes to an end, and an alleged robber’s commitment to public transit. It’s the happy hour law review for Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

1Expect to see a criminal law final exam this spring, loosely based on this Canadian “drug-fuelled, sexual role-playing” murder for hire case. The Canadian court just stayed the proceedings. | National Post

2In a twist on the annual wrangling over Nativity scenes displayed on government property, county officials in Virginia apparently approved the display of a crucified Santa in front of the courthouse. It was quickly torn down by “vigilantes.” | Radio Fox News

3Despite a laudable commitment to public transit, an alleged bank robber in Michigan was apprehended by police after he fled the scene by city bus. Could I get a transfer, please? |

4With law office holiday parties in full swing, here’s the After 12 handy reference guide for how drunk you can get at your party. | After 12

5Police in Brookline, Massachusetts, jumped into a squad car, turned on the lights, and pursued a bicyclist who had failed to stop. The bicyclist is now charged with a bunch of traffic violations as well as “several municipal bicycle violations.” |

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