Living the Dream 12: “Politically Correct”

“Politically Correct” tries to explore the PC culture of the legal workplace. More specifically, it focuses on Nick’s unfortunate attempt to distance himself from an insensitive colleague’s offensive language. He tries to stand up for the gay rights movement, but in the process, ends up coming across as a racist. That’s what you get for being too PC.

One of these days, I suppose Nick will actually learn to keep his mouth shut—or say the “right” thing—or be a selfish, competitive, politically astute gunner. But then he’d be just like the BigLaw tools he despises, and the show wouldn’t be fun to watch. Or write. And it probably wouldn’t help my PTSD much either.

Rick Eid spent eight long, confusing years as a lawyer and investment banker before he finally bailed out to become a writer. He was the founder of Bitter Lawyer, where he also created the web video series Living the Dream. He has since been a producer and executive producer of Law & Order, CSI, and The Hostages, among other television shows. Read articles and content from Rick Eid.

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