Living the Dream Episodes 6-10

LIVING the DREAM is the brainchild of ex-BigLaw attorney Rick Eid, who wrote the episodes from his own experiences as a middle class, second-tier law school graduate who lands the job of his dreams at the world’s most prestigious law firm. As the Wall Street Journal Law Blog said, “Dunder Mifflin, meet Sullivan & Moore.”

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Episode 6

Yale. Nick suffers the humiliation of being on the wrong end of a “You went to Yale” mistake. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 6.

Episode 7

Rope. If Quinn hadn’t said anything about the size of Keller’s rope, Nick never would have thought about it. Not in a million years. But Quinn planted the devil seed. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 7.

Episode 8

Halloween. As a highlight to the 24-7 randomness of Big Firm life, Nick’s nemesis boss calls him back to the office on Halloween night while he was at a costume party, trying to have a good time. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 8.

Episode 9

Punching the Clown—Part 1. The natural extension of feeling trapped and helpless in the office. What’s a guy supposed to do when he’s so stressed and horny that he’s about to implode? We don’t recommend doing what Nick did, but we know it’s happened. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 9.

Episode 10

Punching the Clown—Part 2. The thought of ending the series on Nick pathetically “self-gratifying” all alone in his office just seemed too depressing. Even for a law firm comedy. Besides, there are just too many funny, inane, dark BigLaw stories yet to tell. Read Rick Eid’s post on the season finale and details of Episode 10.

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