Living the Dream Season 2

LIVING the DREAM is the brainchild of ex-BigLaw attorney Rick Eid, who wrote the episodes from his own experiences as a middle class, second-tier law school graduate who lands the job of his dreams at the world’s most prestigious law firm. As the Wall Street Journal Law Blog said, “Dunder Mifflin, meet Sullivan & Moore.”

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New Media Sucks. Living the Dream creator Rick Eid provides a preview of the second season, including an explanation about why it’s so hard to continue to produce the series.

Episode 11

The Review. Given the state of the legal economy and the acute, constant fear of getting laid off, a performance review gone awry seemed like an unfortunately topical and relatable concept. A perfect BigLaw cocktail: Equal parts fear, anxiety, and pressure—with just a splash of inherent unfairness. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 11.

Episode 12

Politically Correct. Nick tries to stand up for the gay rights movement, but in the process, ends up coming across as a racist. That’s what you get for being too PC. Read Rick Eid’s post on the details of Episode 12..

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