Loose Ends, 12-30-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

The psycho Santa gunman who struck on Christmas Eve wasn’t only out to ho-ho-hose his ex-wife’s family.  Her divorce attorney was on the naughty list too. [San Francisco Chronicle]

And that’s not the only divorce attorney pissing off wannabe divorcees.  Married feuders are unable to cleanly split because the bottomed-out real estate market makes a couple’s house the albatross “toxic asset” neither wants in the settlement.  [The New York Times]

Northwestern Law school is poaching 1Ls who prove worthy.  Worthy of paying.  [WSJ Law Blog]

A lawyer has apparently found evidence of life on Mars and wants National Geographic to publish it.  Talk about turning over discovery!  [PRWeb.com]

Obama says, “Oh, come, oh, come, Emanuel.” Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff-elect, will resign his House seat on Friday aside from being the subject of one of four wiretapped conversations a court is deciding on in the case of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s possible impeachment.  [Washington Post]

Heather Mills’ ex-nanny is suing McCartney’s ex-wife for being forced to spray tan her naked body and work unusually long hours.  But Mills literally has a leg to stand on.  [Popeater.com]

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