Loose Ends, 9-27-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

After all the off-and-on-again hype, the first presidential debate finally went down–and the results are debatable.  [Los Angeles Times]

Two of the oldest professions.  One great, new era.  [Slate]

Ironic that a woman who built her career by dint of comedy routines smearing other celebrities’ names is now pissed that someone might be earning a dollar by using hers.  [Hollywood Reporter]

Darker times mean whiter juries.  “If you want to watch exactly how the economy affects people, go watch jury selection in any courtroom on any day.” [Legal Blog Watch via Deliberations]

It’s going to be one long Thanksgiving break for lawyers at Heller Ehrman.  November 28 is the reported date for closing shop.  [WSJ Law Blog]

Bogus names like Ricco Suave and Joe Blow are a no-go on Florida voter rosters.  Good luck with that, Dixon and Willoughby Partin.  [Miami Herald]

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