LTD Intro: Write What You Know

Before I became a writer, I was an associate at a large New York law firm.  I hated it. Drove me insane.  But like a good New England soldier, I practiced for seven years. I’ve tried to write about life in the big-firm-law biz several times, but I could never fully capture the horror of the experience. The culture, the rules, the snobbery, the sacrifices.

To this day, whenever I hang out with ex-lawyer friends, we can’t help but talk for hours about our lives as big-firm tools. Though the stories are laced with bitterness and rage, they’re definitely more funny than sad. So during a long and unproductive writers’ strike this past year, I decided to shoot a comedy series about the experiences of a middle class, second-tier law school graduate who lands the job of his dreams at the world’s most prestigious law firm.  (As they say, write what you know.)

Armed with anti-studio anger, I wrote nine scripts and quickly announced to the world (i.e., my wife and former assistant), that I was going into production. As for the webisodes themselves, the stories came from everywhere—my life as a lawyer, a student, and yes, every once in a while, my imagination.

For an inside-look at the “inspiration” for Living the Dream, read the Living the Dream Blog. Rick will have a new post specific to each episode throughout the season.

Season 1 is written and directed by Rick Eid, produced by Rick Eid and Mark Thudium, cinematography by Daniel Haas and edited by Joshua Ferrazzano.

Rick Eid spent eight long, confusing years as a lawyer and investment banker before he finally bailed out to become a writer. He was the founder of Bitter Lawyer, where he also created the web video series Living the Dream. He has since been a producer and executive producer of Law & Order, CSI, and The Hostages, among other television shows. Read articles and content from Rick Eid.

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