Man Arrested for “Riding Horse Under the Influence”

A man was arrested for a DUI on a horse. Police found Danny Reynolds stumbling after deputies told him to come down off his horse. Police found rolling papers, marijuana, several beers and a mason jar full of moonshine in his saddle bag. Reynolds claimed he has diabetes and that was the reason for his light-headedness and stumbling. Police arrested Reynolds for a DUI after his blood alcohol content was two times over the legal limit. The only question (well, one of many): Can you name that state?

Survey says: Kentucky! Man, this story screams Kentucky. Horse DUIs with Moonshine in mason jars; that is as Kentucky as . . . well, horses and mason jars full of moonshine. Real talk though: wasn’t the horse driving? That is like giving a designated driver a DUI because his passengers are drunk. Unless the horse was slamming hooch to the horse face I don’t really see why it matters if Danny Reynolds was drunk and high at his son’s birthday party. That is just Kentucky being Kentucky.

Douglas Stephan is a solo attorney and owner of the Law Office of Douglas A. Stephan. He received his JD in 2010 from Ohio Northern University and BA from Ohio University. His practice is located outside of Dayton, Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @stephanlaw.

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