Megablawg: Superhero of the Legal Profession

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Despite appearances to the contrary, there is only one Megablawg. And he works obscurely during the day as a quarter-time lawyer and three-quarter-time life coach. Every waking hour, however, he and his sidekick Microblawg use the latest social media teambuilding technology to keep a keen eye on the uniweb for legal content they can scrape and repost for justice—and the greater good.

Neo-Scrivener is their nemesis. A malodorous failed blawger who has forsworn the internet and has loudly and publicly deleted his Facebook account, Neo-Scrivener nevertheless continues to increase his following through an anonymously written blawg and “postcard” Tweets delivered by US mail. While his postcards have taken on a cult following and fetch high prices on eBay, Neo-Scrivener’s tactics pose a real and imminent threat to the future of successful elawyering. The blawgging world’s hopes now rest with Megablawg.

Damage: Does 1 damage to reputation; has no other damaging skills
Weaknesses: Snickers,, Pinterest, Hootsuite
Arch Enemy: Neo-Scrivener (Supervillain Card #12).

Follow us each week as we release more cards of legal superheroes, whether Paralex, Redactor, Doctor Juris, or a slew of archvillains and sidekicks.

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Gregory Luce is the editor of Bitter Lawyer. He creates stuff and writes various columns, including Legal Crap My Kids Ask Me, Ask a Futurist, and Postcards from Lawyers.

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  1. Ellen

    March 30, 2012 at 4:56 am

    Fooey! I want a man to respect me if I give him sex!

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