One Month of Law School and Time for a Vegas Vacation

Law students, especially 1Ls, get way too stressed out during law school. My suggestion? Go on a vacation. With final exams far away, it’s still early enough to get away with it.

Also, the 3L girls, wait no I mean women suddenly are hearing the clock ticking.

Watch more Mr. Law School.

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  1. Alma Federer

    September 19, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Why on earth would any female 3L care so much about her “clock ticking” that she would let a guy like this put his pendulum into her?

    Women, we must not allow men like this to trick us into letting them have sex with us. Clearly this guy would not be around after we permitted him to dip his little wick into us.

    We must be mindful of the fact that men like this only want sex, and afterwards, they just burp and roll over. That is not what we want or expect from men.

    We want a relationship leading to marriage, not some sweaty guy panting and grunting, then washing off and going home, leaving us with soiled sheets.

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