I Just Called to Say “I Love You”

(Click the image to see the full comic.)

Albert Wang is a true double threat, with all the usefulness of an artist coupled with all the personality of a lawyer. Read more of his work on Tumblr or LiveJournal.

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  1. Ellen

    June 13, 2011 at 9:32 am

    This Hapened to me all of the time when I was a first and second year. I had alot of rejections.

    Then I figuredout what was going on. They did not have a PICTURE of me on my RESUMME. So I put a PICTURE on my RESUMME and all of a sudden I got alot of responses.

    I got some interviews, but only ONE job offer, and that is where I went for the summer. I did not get a job offer there even though I did not dress to provocatively.

    But I got a good reference and now I am working at my FIRM.

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