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Bitter Lawyer provides legal humor, entertainment, and news for lawyers, law students, and the people who love them. You don’t have to be bitter (or even a lawyer) to stop in and enjoy the columns, comics, videos, podcasts, and other great content, but if you are, we’re sure you will leave a little happier.

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The Bottom Rung

The Bottom Rung is an hilarious and harrowing look at the underworld known as document review, created by former lawyer and current comedian Matt Ritter. It premiered on Bitter Lawyer in November 2011 and rolls out new episodes each month, with character sketches in between.


LIVING the DREAM is the brainchild of ex-BigLaw attorney Rick Eid, who wrote the episodes from his own experiences as a middle class, second-tier law school graduate who lands the job of his dreams at the world’s most prestigious law firm.


Current columnists include Law Firm 10, Not an Elle, Kate Lee, The Northwest 3L, and Ex-Bitter. They write about associate life, legal careers, BigLaw, and life as a recovering attorney (Ex-Bitter) — among other topics.


As bitter lawyers, our admiration of lawyers who escaped the practice of law (and even some who elect to stay with it) is boundless. In our interviews, we fawn vicariously over one bitter lawyer after another.

Bitter by Numbers

Bitter by Numbers gets to the heart of it all, with lists and facts that make practicing law a bit less mundane and a lot more entertaining. Whether it’s 11 Famous Law School Dropouts or Five Godawful YouTube Video Depositions, we’ve done our research.


Albert Wang draws Bitter Lawyer’s weekly comics, drawing inspiration from law school to BigLaw and beyond. Caption This! is Bitter Lawyer’s long-running game of funny pictures and funnier captions – from you, our loyal readers.


Along with the Bottom Rung and LIVING the DREAM, Bitter Lawyer’s video vault contains Mark Thudium’s excellent person-on-the-street interviews, clips from the excellent documentary A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar, and the video journal of the unintentionally funny Mr. Law School.