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  • A Tale of Two Cufflinks

    It’s official, I’m a homewrecker. Ready for the irony? The homewrecking event wasn’t romantic, lascivious, or even vaguely adulterous (as far as I’m concerned, anyway)....

  • The Devil Wears Tommy Bahama

    The Irrationals are men at work, mainly litigators in a law firm, on whom I develop absolutely unreasonable crushes.

  • The Forbidden Law Firm Fruit

    Yes. I said it. Girlfriend. We’ve been dating for over four months, and I haven’t slept with anyone else yet.

  • Dangerous E-aisons

    Male law firm partners are awkward, middle-aged, sex-starved men who tend to mistake my professional attentiveness for flirtation

  • I Made Out with a Married Associate

    I’m in love with this senior associate I’m working with. He’s super-cute, super-smart and super-married.