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  • Nine Summer Associate Don’ts

    In an effort to help aspiring legal eagles pass their first real legal test, Bitter Lawyer has compiled this definitive list of summer associate don’ts

  • I Turned Down Summer Offers

    Was I a dumbass for turning down job summer law firm job offers when my heart wasn’t in it but the money probably would have...

  • I Like Summers

    Summer associates out there, take caution---you are being judged both as a professional and as a potential hookup.

  • Soak It Up, Summer Associates

    This just in. According to, summer associates are actually being judged at the various cocktail parties, swanky dinners and goofy “out of the box” events...

  • Shut Up and Drink

    True or false: Being a summer associate at a Big Firm is sort of like being an aspiring actress who comes to Hollywood and suddenly...